Scientists, prepare to be amazed by phenomenon as though there were fairy tales! Learn chemistry through games, experiments, and ice-cream making.

Join Mary Celestin for Marie Curie Day.

marie curie session


In partnership with Pajaro Valley Shelter Services (PVSS), AiducateNow recently launched it’s STEMnUS program to stimulate aspirations in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields among underprivileged children living in shelters around the San Francisco Bay Area.

The program provides educational resources outside of normal school activities to children in the Emergency and Transitional Housing Services of PVSS whose families earn less than one-half the federal poverty level. Independent instructional units, called modules, led by STEM professionals teach the fundamentals of various topics including robotics, biology, medicine, chemistry, computer science,math and engineering.

We are always looking for people who wants to inspire young minds. Connect with us through the following comment section, on social media, call us or mail us for volunteering opportunity.