Today, subjects which focus on STEM are important as ever. STEM integrates science, technology, engineering and math in an entire education system backed by real life examples. STEM students study the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation, a defining characteristic that makes STEM so successful.

Technology surrounds us everywhere and its impact on everyday life is ever increasing. To develop future technologies it is necessary to understand science, engineering, and mathematics. If you are an engineer, you apply different combinations of math, technology, and science to fix real world problems. STEM fields are interrelated and co-dependent.

Currently, STEM lacks strength in its workforce. The U.S. government have been initiating many programs to promote STEM at the elementary and university levels. There has been a marked inclination toward humanities, which is disconnecting the youth from the prospects of a STEM oriented future. The programs aim to maintain a necessary workforce to ensure our country’s economic growth. According to the U.S. Department of Education, salaries in STEM industries are 26% higher than in other non-STEM industries, such as humanities and arts.

1396891082-kids-art-and-science-clipart-clipart-kidSTEMnUS provides education to children who don’t have the financial means to attend school or take courses, These programs rely on hands-on experiments as they are more effective and interesting for children to learn.

Our math teachers teach and present different mathematical topics through effective math games to generate interest in the subject. To improve communication skills, teachers encourage teamwork and direct contact with the teacher. STEMnUS and teachers are trying to instill in children the qualities necessary to work in the STEM, for example:

•    critical thinking

•    communication skills

•    creativity

Critical thinking and creativity are two different approaches to problem-solving. The ability to consider a problem from various angles and then being able to find a clear solution is an essential method in STEM occupations. A comprehensive understanding of the discipline is thus reinforced in a playful and experimental setting.fb26fcc42fd74fcd84187b9555b0f59f

Volunteers engaged in science and research and a commitment to social welfare conduct our modules. Lack of exposure and less privileged backgrounds often lead to a resistance in advanced learning methods. Our STEMnUS project paves the bridge between the underrepresented children and science and serves as a stepping-stone to a more fulfilling future. The outlook promises great growth for jobs in the STEM fields, “That’s where the jobs of tomorrow will be”, said executive director of the STEM Education coalition in Washington DC.  And we believe that our love of science will open our students to new perspectives!

-Elizaveta zatirka , Independent Blogger

-Edited by Neelanjana Gautam