Our Projects 
AiducateNow in accordance to its charter has divided its projects in different categories such as ecology, education, livelihood, health and culture. All projects fall into one of the categories.Some of the going projects are solar light project (SLP), talented student scholarship (TSS), etc.AiducateNow began the Solar Light Project (SLP) as an environmental initiative to reduce global warming and climate change. MSD is implemented SLP in partnership with OneMillionLights, a Palo Alto, California, based Non-profit organization http://www.onemillionlights.org/. While MSD is involved in the high-level planning and funding, OnemiIllionLights is providing the lights at a highly subsidized price to MSD, facilitating the process enormously. MSD distributed the some of the lights to low income communities in India through NGOs like Vivekanda Swastha Seva Sangha, Manab Jamin, Mukti India, etc.

Natural disasters are part of human experience. Mukti for Social Development is working on different disaster relief efforts starting from emergency response, management, recovery and long term recovery. MSD gained its first experience in disaster relief operation during Cyclone Alia. We also helped the victims of Laila and would continue to do so in future.Education helps elevate poverty by helping the receipts obtain better paying jobs. MSD is sponsoring different projects such as TSS and Evening Class Project in low income communities to fulfill its goal of fostering self-reliant and thriving communities.

Please check out the details of all current and past projects by visiting the relevant project page.